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About Oxford Human Capital Inc (OHCI)

OHCI is committed to being a leader in the provision of home based health and social care in Oxfordshire County. We provide efficient, reliable person centred services from short 30min visits to long-term care provision for our clients in the comfort of their own home.

We offer a wide range of services that focuses on each of our clients. Our focal point our client and their needs not a bureaucratic task list with a one size fits all so as to help be happy and safe at home. Our team of angels are trained to offer support to people living with Dementia, Parkinsons or Cancer or those needing support after leaving the hospital. We charge monthly packages that include a set of outcomes with a number of weekly visits.

Our team are local. While we cover the whole of Oxfordshire, we work in neighbourhood based teams with personnel who know the area and can help connect you to other people around shared interests. Our commitment is to provide the same high quality service that we would want for our loved ones. We care for and value our staff and remunerate higher than average incomes for their commitment and hard work.

Our team works closely with other agencies including, NHS, County Council as well as third sector in order to achieve the intended outcomes for our clients. Our team enjoy peer and professional membership with third parties in order to keep abreast with the latest regulatory requirements. 

OHCI are members of Oxford Association of Care Providers (OACP), Care England Carers UK and is also interim-member of Homecare Association. At Oxford Human Capital Incorporated, we ensure your confidentiality and privacy is respected. Our management staff are registered with the office of the Information Commission in line with the Data Protection Act.

Oxford Human Capital Inc - the leading provider of home health care post COVID19.

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